Posted by: jofarmer | March 3, 2011

Easter and Mothers Day Gifts


For Mothers Day and Easter I am making crochet baskets and flowers.  The flowers look very pretty and can be made in all colours and be put on brooches, hair slides and sewn onto clothes.

The baskets are quite small, maybe the size of the palm of the hand, and can be made into little nests and used for jewellery, change and other small items

Posted by: jofarmer | March 3, 2011

Do you enjoy getting together to have a crafty session?

I often do my craft stuff at home, alone, as I do not know many locally who enjoy craft, and hardly anyone who does crochet.  Does anyone enjoy doing crafts in groups, as a social event, swapping skills and just generally enjoying yourself?  If you knew of a group in your area would you go?

Posted by: jofarmer | January 27, 2011

Ideas for crochet items for males

I find it easy to make items which girls should like (baskets, jewellery, bags), but is there anything males might like?   I have made a noughts and crosses set, teddies and balls for my nephews, who are quite young, but when boys are older what would appeal?

Would gifts for friends be better, or using more boyish colours than the bright colours be better?  I know some would appreciate the work that goes into it?

Posted by: jofarmer | January 21, 2011

Why can craft work be so relaxing

I find it quite relaxing doing craftwork, building up something from a length of thread, or filling up a blank canvas with threads to make a lovely picture.   At a networking event it was suggested I bring some of my cards to a well being event.   It’s also for me the joy of creating something then adapting it or changing it to something else. 

I adapted some crochet bowls, quite small, but nice for jewellery or other small items, from a mat design, with a special edge.  I now want to add a nice lid to the bowls to make a box.  I hope they will look good.

Do others feel this way when doing craft stuff, be it with wool or other material.

Posted by: jofarmer | January 3, 2011

Fancy wools and threads

I have had fun making bags, scarves and decorations from fancy threads.  I made my sister a scarf for Christmas from glittery, colour changing yarn, a light weight decorative scarf.  She liked it and now my mum wants one, so I will be making one for her too.  It is surprisingly soft and warm though being lacy.

I have also had fun making bags from some of the very furry wool.  They feel very soft and are lovely to stroke, and look very different from the normal wool you find in shops.   They are very different to crochet with as the stitches are harder to see.  The finished result is worth it and makes a lovely finished product.  

There are some lovely yarns out there, worth trying to work with, with some patience sometimes.  I have only used them for crochet, not knitting.   Knitting with them I am sure will produce lovely items as well.

Posted by: jofarmer | December 5, 2010

Friendship bracelets as gifts

Why can they make such nice gifts?  I ran a base teaching how to make them at a Jamboree last year.  They can be made from just a few different knots, in a wide range of colours in a range of designs, quite quickly.  Beads can be used too.

I like making them, from embroidery floss, mixing all kinds of colours, including variegated threads.  I make and sell them for my scout group.  I also make friendship pins, with the same knots.  It is wonderful to see when people like them, for themselves, or for friends.  Mind you, very few youngsters seemed to have friends last year judging by how many kept them!!!  Well they enjoyed making them, that was important.

Posted by: jofarmer | December 5, 2010

Christmas Decorations

I am going to World Scout Jamboree next year and so I need to fundraise (it may be fun, but not cheap).  To raise some funds I am making mats and christmas tree decorations to sell at my church and after cub meetings.  Using lovely glittery threads I can make some lovely shiny decorations, which are quite firm without any starching.

The people I have shown them to have liked them and they do make a nice alternative to the normal balls.  They can also be put on tables or hung in windows.  I shall see how the sales go.  Either way I have enjoyed making them, and adapting patterns to make them.   They also have the advantage of being squashable and unbreakeable unlike glass balls, very nice when children are around or when packing away.

Posted by: jofarmer | November 14, 2010

Uses of crocheted Granny squares


Granny squares seem to be traditionally associated with blankets or chair throws, often seen in 70’s programmes, in many colours.  I made one for my bed, it did take ages doing all the squares and the border, but it is so warm and wonderful in cold weather it was worth every minute.  I also made a mini one, the size which could be nice for toys.  I have also used them for mats, with a nice border, with nice colours, sometimes more than one colour.  They do brighten up the living room and make nice mats for mugs.  I made some for a scouting cooking event for the finished food, using variegated wool.  When I did a 3 by 3 square, with a second colour round the border, my imagination however took over.  I turned it into a noughts a crosses set, complete with crocheted noughts and crosses, a granny square bag, and crochet tie string, all in matching colours.  It was great fun playing with it in the pub.  It is also washable and very squashable.  I have also seen squares used in clothes and shawls.  I am sure that there are many other possible uses for granny squares, I would love to hear how other people have used them, or seen them used.

Posted by: jofarmer | November 14, 2010

Role of crochet today

I love crochet since taking it up 5 years ago.  I find it very relaxing and allows me to be very creative.  However in this time of computer games, TV, and cheap clothes and other craft items how relevant is it?  I personally think it can be very relevant as it does provide an alternative form of activity, teaching patience, and allowing creativity away from computers, using physical not virtual materials, that can be held, put on display or given as presents that will be valued by those receiving them.  I valued handcraft items given to me by my Grandma, and I now make items for my family, very different gift from those in the shops.  Computers have their place but I think handcrafts are still very important.

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