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Day 340: Square Target: Amethyst, Teal

I love the colour combinations, I just love tuquise and purple.

Craftaceous Period

Square Target

Today’s square: Square Target
Size: 6.5 inch
Pattern By: Jan Eaton
Hook: H
Yarn: RHSS artist print, amethyst; mystery yarn blue, teal green.
Pattern from:Ravelry

Notes: Two more of my square targets. I ran out of the artist print after 10 squares. I’ll make the final 6 with solid centers and the same blue border.

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Posted by: jofarmer | December 2, 2012

Crochet Noughts and Crosses!


I made this as a Christmas present for my nephew a couple of years.  It started out as a 3 by 3 mat and turned it into noughts and crosses, I had fun adapted a flower design into the playing pieces, complete with a bag to hold everything.  My nephew liked it.  I also made one for a friend.  It is fully washable.

Posted by: jofarmer | December 2, 2012

Crochet Spiral Bowls

Crochet Spiral Bowls

These fit inside each other, and are finished off with a row of crab stitch. I use one for holding string in, but can be used for anything. I have used larger bowls for displaying crochet items, and holding wrpped sweets.

Posted by: jofarmer | December 2, 2012

Christmas decorations from Metallic thread

These are Christmas decorations I made last year.  Some looked quite good on trees, or other plants, others have been used for mats under candles.  They really can catch the light.  I used some ends of reels to make some, and 2 colours in others.  They certainly make different gifts.  I enjoyed doing the double spiral ones.


Posted by: jofarmer | November 24, 2012

beautiful and sunny day

I love the photo, I love old buildings (2 architects in family might help with that). They can look so lovely, so much history behind them

amaryllis log

I was in downtown Minneapolis today and wow was it an incredible day. Far from what it usually is around here in the middle of November. I was asked to take a lovely young lady’s senior high school picture and we decided to go down to the warehouse district. The stars must have aligned because it really all fell together! While I was there I took a few pictures of the surrounding…you know me with a camera!

And a little hint of how we played today!

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Posted by: jofarmer | November 24, 2012

Make This: Cross Stitch Peg Board Coat Rack

Like it, lovely and simple

Cross Stitch coat rack by Beci Orpin in Mollie Makes

Spotted this cross stitch peg board coat rack in the Beci Orpin feature in the current issue of Mollie Makes. (Beci is a well-known Australian artist). I love this idea. It reminds me of Aesthetic Outburst’s embroidered screen door.

Image: Chris Middleton / Mollie Makes

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Posted by: jofarmer | November 15, 2012

Fluffy wool Christmas decorations

I am making fluffy Christmas table decorations for my nephews, from my own design.  The designs are a Christmas tree, a pudding, Angel, santa and  a snowman.  I have made the Christmas tree, just got to give it a star and some christmas tree decorations (balls, possibly some tinsel type stuff.  It’s great fun and I hope they will like them.

I also plan to do decorations for christmas trees, with a star in addition to the above.

Posted by: jofarmer | June 28, 2012

Free crochet


Whilst visiting my mother I taught a neighbour free crochet to go with crafts she already did, collage work and felt work. Free crochet is when you do not follow fixed patterns, and do not match wool to the correct hook. This can result in some very pretty effects, using interesting threads. It looked very interesting and only used a few basic stitches..

Posted by: jofarmer | August 20, 2011

Lace mats


I have just started making lace mats again, not for anyone in particular, but to relax and do small projects. They will be given away as presents at some point.

Posted by: jofarmer | May 5, 2011

Crochet baskets


I made some little crochet baskets, decreasing sizes, so they form a nest of baskets. They look quite cute and are very pretty in variegated wool. They could hold jewellery or keys or similarly small items.

I also made some larger baskets, in treble crochet, for displaying items. They are certainly easy to pack away and much lighter than normal baskets.

I love adapting basic patterns, using different colours to create different effects. Does anyone else enjoy this?

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