About Jo


I have always loved doing crafts and creating things with cotton and wool, and using my imagination. My granny and grandma were also very crafty covering crochet, tatting, clothes making, cross stitch, knitting and patchwork between them (and possibly other things I do not know about). There is also an architect on either side of my family tree so I think I have got the creative side and imaginative side and allows me to think up designs in my head, work with them before I put them down on paper or actually work with it in cotton or whatever I am working with. I cannot imagine another way of doing things.  I learnt to crochet about 2005, from a book.  I love being creative, either my own or from existing designs.  I also have a website www.crochetheaven.co.uk if you would like to see some more pictures.

I also have learnt that I have ASD, mild autism.  This explains my love of colours, textures, finger fidgetting and just making things.  This may explain why I design in my head.  It may also explain why I can write with both hands similtaneously, or with either hand, mirror and upside down.


  1. my dad and hubby are architects πŸ™‚ also had a crafty grandma. following! πŸ™‚


    • I think sometimes it runs in the family like that, and how it makes you think. I love old buildings too.


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