Posted by: Jo Farmer - The Autistic Mouse | April 7, 2021

Demystifying the Positives of Autistic Communication – but misunderstood, under utilised

Some more positive traits which are useful, this time in communication, either written or verbal.  Some of these come from my experience, and understanding after my diagnosis.  Please continue to remember that each person with autism is different.  The issues below may overlap in some ways, but I feel it clarifies some of our strengths.  As you read the following consider ‘The Imitation Game’ and Alan Turing’s autistic responses in situations.

  • Straight speaking, no sugar coating – we say what we think, how we say it.
  • Black & white views quite often – we see things clearly, say it, including in problem solving/ prevention
  • A fact is a fact – it is clear to us, it should be considered.  Others have not always recognised this fact
  • No hidden agenda – ie we are not out to hurt others with our actions, and communications
  • Honesty – it is what we think, we will say it.
  • We do not like to hurt other people deliberately – we are sorry when we do.

Where there is no trust, the open communication will stop.  Especially where it is not felt this is not wanted by others.  Meaning to a loss of ideas and problem solving and general discussion.  Not desirable.

Our communication can be misunderstood as we do not always reflect other forms of expected communication, ie voice tone and body language, or simply the phraseology.  However straight speaking should be valued and respected, and considered useful and understood in many areas of life.

These are just some areas we have made our mark.  Look out for more posts.  We are everywhere.

Look out for more from me.  I look forward to hearing from you with yours.

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