Posted by: Jo Farmer - The Autistic Mouse | April 2, 2021

Autism Awareness Week – Why our thinking process helps so much. Some serious thoughts now. Inciteful thoughts.

Yesterday I read that Rear Admiral Nick Hines had come out as autistic, saying that it made him see the world differently.  Autism is all too commonly seen as a lack of ability.  Nick said this was not the case, as it is not.  Stephen Shore says once you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism.  This is very true.  I was diagnosed in my 40’s with autism 4 years ago after struggling at work, likely aspergers syndrome.  Even within Aspergers it shows differently.  All with skills useful to work.

Some of these are –

Hyperfocus – (concentrate on an activity for extended periods of time)

Problem solving – see alternative ways, eliminating those options which obviously won’t work, improving those which should.  Virtually

Problem prevention – see a future issue, avoid it, due to an ability to process unseen systems, in the mind

Passions – not just interests, learn everything you can, I mean EVERYTHING.  Research with true passion

Order & precision – like things how they should be

Imagination – so essential to entertainment, inventing, writing, seeing/feeling/processing inside the mind

Saving time, energy, money, creating nice experiences.  Skills so useful not only in industry, but everyday life, improving it.

There is so much to find on the internet, have a look, and share it if you want.

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