Posted by: Jo Farmer - The Autistic Mouse | November 18, 2020

GEM Talk – Free event

GEM Talks is a multi-speaker event which will provide you with positive practical steps to create positive changes to thrive in 2021

About this Event

GEM Talks – Thrive in 2021

Grow (on the inside)

Expand (beyond your limits)

Maintain (take consistent action)

We can agree it has been a strange year, right? We want to make sure that 2021 is THE year for you.

◻️ Would you like to start 2021strongly?

◻️ With clear focus to achieve your goals and peace of mind?

◻️ Would you like to thrive in 2021?

Gem Talks is all about YOU having a strong finish to 2020 and preparing for 2021

We want to support you to have exactly that! Success, focus and peace of mind.

Gem talks is a live and interactive day which is delivered as virtual conference.

There will be over 10 experts speaking throughout the day, all bringing not only insights but practical and implementable steps.

Each expert has been chosen because of their deep knowledge and expertise in the topic they will be speaking about.

This is all about bringing you value so you can finish the year strong and prepare for 2021.

What you will gain by attending:

• Powerful tools to maintain and develop a clear mind

• Strong insights and actionable steps to grow your business

• Deeper insight into how to be a leader in world as it stands today

How it will work:

Once you buy your ticket we will send you the zoom link for your session.

Once your session is finished you are welcome to stay on or carry on with your evening.

I will be speaking on how to increase the talent in the work place. Please look at the other speakers too.

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