Posted by: jofarmer | April 8, 2016

Crochet complicated?

Have you seen all the crochet magazines, thought I can do that?  Then thought I’ll never be able to do that?  Very possibly.

Can you think how many words you can make from just the letters A-F?  I can think of lots.

What do these statements have in common?  Simple.  Using just 6 stitches you can create some magical items.  Most of the rest of the stitches are made from extensions and variations of these.  But you don’t need to use them until you are ready.

Does it still sound complicated?  I hope not.  Persevere and you could make some wonderful items.  Or find someone to show you.  You will soon be hooked (pun intended).

PS  Your family and friends will love hand made gifts.



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