Posted by: jofarmer | November 14, 2010

Uses of crocheted Granny squares


Granny squares seem to be traditionally associated with blankets or chair throws, often seen in 70’s programmes, in many colours.  I made one for my bed, it did take ages doing all the squares and the border, but it is so warm and wonderful in cold weather it was worth every minute.  I also made a mini one, the size which could be nice for toys.  I have also used them for mats, with a nice border, with nice colours, sometimes more than one colour.  They do brighten up the living room and make nice mats for mugs.  I made some for a scouting cooking event for the finished food, using variegated wool.  When I did a 3 by 3 square, with a second colour round the border, my imagination however took over.  I turned it into a noughts a crosses set, complete with crocheted noughts and crosses, a granny square bag, and crochet tie string, all in matching colours.  It was great fun playing with it in the pub.  It is also washable and very squashable.  I have also seen squares used in clothes and shawls.  I am sure that there are many other possible uses for granny squares, I would love to hear how other people have used them, or seen them used.


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