Margaret Attwoods shocking reproductive tale

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood — The English Introvert
Posted by: jofarmer | May 31, 2020

A bolt from the blue — The English Introvert

I’ve been reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks and the case on the page just suddenly stood out to me. It was describing the severe amnesia of the patient. It said that while he was still able to read and play music on a whim along with talking about subjects that he was previously interested in; […]

A bolt from the blue — The English Introvert

As much as we might try, there are things in this life that are beyond our control. From the weather to a 2 year-old having a meltdown in the isle of a store, there are things we cannot completely control in this life. However, we can control our reaction to them. And the best gift […]

The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself- and Everyone {Including Two Strategies to Make it Happen} — Practically Speaking With Brita

Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was “slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness” as she struggled with autism in her pre-teen years, according to a new book written by her mother. Malena Ernman details her 17-year-old daughter’s early life in a revealing new book, Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and […]

Greta Thunberg Book Details Her Autism Struggles In Childhood, Impact On Family — Deadline

I think we all need a reboot from time to time. We forget who we are because we are so overloaded with electronic stimulus and an emotional onslaught from all of the baggage that is carried around by all those we come into contact with. This affects us more than we realise. It lodges itself […]

Meditation reveals your true self — The English Introvert

You will note that traditionally it is not an easy thing for an adult with autism when it comes to employment. This has been subjected by the attitude of the employers. You will find out that there is still a percentage of the adult with autism who are still used regardless of the gap. Due […]

via Learning about Employment for Adults with Autism — Site Title

Posted by: jofarmer | May 24, 2020

We Wear What We Want — Autistic Rights and Freedoms

Recalling that autistic people interpret sensory stimulations differently than most people, it cannot be understated how important our favourite clothing is to us. Our favourite clothes are those clothes that our skin has grown accustomed to the feeling of. They make our skin feel safe, comfortable, and protected. The absence of our favourite clothes makes […]

via We Wear What We Want — Autistic Rights and Freedoms

Posted by: jofarmer | May 24, 2020

Reading and Autism — The English Introvert

I love reading. This much is pretty obvious early on as I read so much. I’m a highly visual person who can recite what they read parrot fashion for some time to come later on. This is a common attribute in autistics. However if you stop to ask why we read so much or why […]

via Reading and Autism — The English Introvert

Posted by: jofarmer | May 23, 2020

Autism Anger — OldLady With Autism

Shhhhhhh don’t talk about that!!!!! Autism has a few “sore spots” that seem to be avoided as topics for discussion in the forums I participate in. When somebody does open up, there is a flood of responses, seemingly relief in finding that individuals are not alone in their struggles. I am talking about emotional regulation […]

via Autism Anger — OldLady With Autism

Adults on the autism spectrum face significant barriers to employment, with 85 percent of college-educated adults with autism unemployed. While adults with autism may have the hard skills needed to do a job, they often struggle with the soft skills required to get hired and stay employed. While some employers — Microsoft, SAP, and Ernst […]

via How Technology Can Shrink the Autism Employment Gap — Autisable

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