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Autism as a Superpower — Teenage Martial Artist Squatters

If autism is a superpower, as I’ve heard some people remark, I hope people understand the full implication of that statement; all superheroes have dark pasts and a plethora of weaknesses. Being too accepting of autism by imagining it to be a superpower without drawbacks is to deny the reality of the situation, which is […]

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Crochet complicated?

Crochet is not complicated, as fancy as some of the stitches look.

Think about the English language, some words easy, some words long and complicated.  However each word is made up of individual letters, whatever the combination.  Think how many words you can make up with just the first 6 letters of the alphabet, using letters multiple times as wanted.

It is the same with crochet.  With just 6 basic stitches you can make loads of patterns, repeating them multiple times, extending some, combining others.

If you want to try this out do.  It is wonderful and relexing

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Easy friendship bracelets

I was at a Jamboree for my holiday (until heavy rain and wind, lots of mud, made the site unsafe and the camp was closed) doing craft activities.

One was an easy friendship bracelet just using a cardboard ring with a hole in the centre and 8 cuts round the edge, like an eight point compass.  All that was needed was 7 threads, each in a hole, and then a thead three holes from the blank hole moved into it.  Just repeated.  It made a lovely braid, and was very colourful and relaxing to make.  Each thread was moved around.  On the one sunny day there was a row of young people sitting outside the tent making their braid.

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Fidget toys I’ve made

I don’t know how much some people know about autism, in it’s various forms.  However one feature of it is a need to fidget, fingers, feet, body, suck, chew and twist.  Many things.

I have made fidget toys, interlinked rings of crochet.  These can be sucked, pulled, twisted (and washed!).  I have been told people like them.  I have also made a globe shape, and granny hexagons with multiple wools, smooth and textured.

The need to fidget is not always understood, but for many with Autism, ADHD and other conditions it can aid concentration and help with relaxation.  I can vouch for this.  I have Autism (ASD).  Only diagnosed as an adult.  It also explains my love of colours and textures and my creativity.  I will photo them.

I am not sure where I am going with this, but I think it should be that crafts should be cherished and people accepted as they are, especially if there is a disability.

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Friendship bracelets

At a recent scout camp (jamboree) was on the Friendship bracelet base, teaching youngsters.  Made twisting bracelets, those with half hitches, and using a card with slits in.  The youngsters enjoyed it.

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Fluffy keyrings – and anything else fluffy

I’ve been enjoying making fluffy keyrings, and bracelets and headbands.  Very relaxing to feel.  Ribbon adds texture and pure scrunchiness.  Wonderful.  I just enjoying mixing the colours too.

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No limits to crochet

What materials can you crochet with?  This is not just limited to single threads of wool or cotton.

If you want to create wonderful mixes try working 2 different colours together.   Wonderful depth, especially when using sparkly thread.  Why not mix 2 different textures?  I’ve made some lovely warm scarves.  The advantages of this?  Many,  great effects, and quick to make!



Let’s go further and consider crocheting with ribbons, inserting beads, even with thin wire.  The example here is a cover for bowls.

Want quick effects?  Multiple threads, with large hooks.  Complimentary or clashing colours, your choice.  Thick and warm.  You can’t go far wrong.

Let your imagination loose!!!!


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Crochet complicated?

Have you seen all the crochet magazines, thought I can do that?  Then thought I’ll never be able to do that?  Very possibly.

Can you think how many words you can make from just the letters A-F?  I can think of lots.

What do these statements have in common?  Simple.  Using just 6 stitches you can create some magical items.  Most of the rest of the stitches are made from extensions and variations of these.  But you don’t need to use them until you are ready.

Does it still sound complicated?  I hope not.  Persevere and you could make some wonderful items.  Or find someone to show you.  You will soon be hooked (pun intended).

PS  Your family and friends will love hand made gifts.


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The Spider Invasion Begins!

I love the spiders, might make my own web, possibly a fly or 2!

Aberrant Crochet (TM)


The first layer of the mission is complete.  The giant web has been put up.  The first spider has been hung with care.  The infestation has begun!  And I’ve been waiting for this moment all year.

We have a tradition in October. And I kind of consider it part of my birthday fun.  Near the beginning of the month, I put up a lone spider web in the front yard. After a couple days, I put a spider out near the web somewhere. Then every couple more days, we add another and another, until it’s a veritable invasion!

But it’s been a while.  For too long I’ve had to wait to pull out my spider webs.  But no more sitting Halloween out now!

What’s this all about?

Well, at our old house, we once had two mimosa trees out front.  I used to string up my spider webs between…

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Fluffy crochet Christmas Table Decorations


These are fluffy Christmas table decorations, around 18cm tall that I made for my nephews last Christmas.  I like making special gifts for them like my grandma made for me and my sibblings.  Little gifts can be put under them.  I enjoyed designing them, using the different wool.

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